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Test software released for running more than one Coil Winding Machine on the same computer.

For Customers that have purchased more than one of our Coil Winding Machines, they have always had to have a dedicated computer for each machine. On 1st July 2020 we have released a test version of the software that will now allow multiple machines to run from a single computer and more information can be

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New FAQ for the CNC Guitar Pickup Mini Coil Winding Machine

We have now updated the website with a FAQ for the CNC Guitar Pickup Mini Coil Winding Machine. http://www.ukcnc.net/index.php/faq-cnc-guitar-pickup-mini-coil-winding-machine/

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Update on the Automated BVM

We have now setup a dedicated domain for the Automated BVM at http://automatedbvm.net/ There are few more details on the machine and the CAD renders of what the actual prototype will look like. Not as pretty as the original concept, but workable. Also the inside of the machine is shown with working mechanics and minimal components

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